2020 Favorites – Songs

33 of my favorite songs from 2020, hand-mixed in an unranked fashion.

Are these the best songs from 2020? Likely not, but personally these are the tracks that most captured a mood, a time, a production tactic, or a hook that I couldn’t shake for days. In what was an undoubtedly miserable year, there was an abundance of quality music.

Best Game of 2018 – Into the Breach

I’ve enjoyed a wide breadth of games this year, but Into the Breach has been the one that I’ve gone back to repeatedly. Best summarized as robots vs. kaiju chess, it has clever puzzle-like mechanics, unending replayability, and a perfect tough-but-fair balance that has led to many late nights. I bought it a second time for the Nintendo Switch just to ensure that I can take it on the road with me this holiday season. Best part: it’s $15. If you are a fan of strategy titles, this will serve you well.